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About me, kristina...

Debussy, the raindrops slowly slide incoherently down the window. I watch, drink tea, savor the warmth and bitter taste in my mouth and daydream of having a piano again someday.

Laughter erupts as Toot and I watch Gypsy play with that $10 toy that every cat has with the ball in between the round rings. Gypsy conjures up imaginary prey to chase, and I, in the moment, reflect on her meaning to my life.

After my dad died in 2008, I lost it. But, I was full of passions and wrote furiously about my feelings, wonderful and sad and wrote a book entitled, Else They'll Never Know. I created digital images to accompany each one because in 2010, on Facebook, there were character limitations on posts... unless... you attached an image. I began to enjoy the concepts of digital art. I met a beautiful and wonderful lady as my mentor who taught me where to make graphics, and the rest is history.

Fly angel, fly! The sky is bright and ready. You are so pretty and magnificent. To stay grounded would be sad, and then they'll never know. Go! Wander about and freely explore. Drift through a cloud. Create a bit of stir. Be part of the breeze, broaden the diameter of the sun's ray and let the love in your heart lift you and uphold you high such that when peering down the ground below is no longer your cage but your lift-off.

                                                           -Kristina Farrow, Else They'll Never Know

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