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Exxpress more of you to others on all your favorite social media hangouts with art and words that reflect your tastes, your personality, your love for loved ones and your fondness of memories without having to trouble yourself learning Photoshop or Canva.

I can help you take those baby photos and make an adorable collage, take the wedding pictures and design an online album or printed book of the special day! BeingKristina brings you opportunities to cherish your heart's whims by getting creative online.

And, I am still learning and growing in my digital artistic journey, so here you'll find my blog journals on the fascinating projects I'm working on and hear my joys and frustrations as I get creative online just for fun!

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beingkristina & TheAmusedMe

Once upon a time, I wrote scores of poetry. In fact, I have a book self-published entitled, Else They'll Never Know, that is the repository for most of the pieces I wrote during that time period 2006-2014. While writing is still a passion, the yearning to design and create online and learn digital art has overtaken me. I am a forever student of Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva and other creative software. My goal? Have fun, and hopefully others will in turn enjoy it!

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